How Can You Actually Save Money On Gas (And Oil Changes)

Time is money, or maybe you haven’t learned that lesson yet.

Anyway, rather than using gas buddy or even google maps to look for gas prices, you should buy gas ahead of time.

Driving out of your way to save a few cents on gas is probably one of the worst ways to steal time from yourself. Find something on average cheaper (not cheapest) along the way of your daily route.

What? How can I buy gas ahead of time to save money?

I buy gas gift cards off ebay when they are discounted, sometimes I can get $100 of gas for $80, which is like saving 20% on gas. This is also a great way to meet minimum spend requirements on a new credit card without wasting money on something you don’t need.

Here’s my search

These are often for BP, Speedway, and Sunoco, but others as well.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the ebay bucks offers, which is worth researching. Ebay is a great place to buy gift cards in general for discount, and earn rewards, and in the process that you can apply that to more gift cards.

If you get lucky, you can also find deals for using PayPal to stack on top of these deals.

I would not go down the path of trying to resell the gift cards, as there is too much risk there. For more ebay gift card deals, follow this blog. Also note that ebay runs good specials on certain categories from time to time, like automotive, which can be very lucrative.

Here’s an another alternative, if you live near a Publix, like I do. They often run discounted gift cards for gas (typically it would be Thursday-Sunday), I prefer Shell myself, because it’s on my way. I can also use Shell Fuel Rewards to save on an extra 3 cents a gallon on gas, bigger discounts apply when I go to WinnDixie (almost never) or buy Pennzoil oil which you can combine with Advanced Auto Oil Change Specials).

When you spend over $50 on food (at Publix), then you can buy a $50 gas gift card for $40. You can also do this if you spend 100, you can buy 2 cards, and so on. This is also a great way to meet minimum spend requirements on credit cards while being coded as a grocery store.

I try to bring my own oil and/or filter to get my oil changed, I end up paying the same price as a normal oil change, but I get synthetic for that price. Also check Advanced Auto online first to make sure they have the filter in stock that you need to avoid an waiting. Also, make sure to go at off peak hours.

In fact, I still have two oil filters left over from the last time ebay did an automotive special which I will use towards my next oil change.

If you don’t want to spend time dealing with Advanced Auto’s less than advanced customer service, you can buy cheap synthetic oil online from

Be sure to take advantage of any cash back offers on your credit cards in order to take this to another level.

When you start to stack these strategies, then you are actually saving some money.

Alternatively, you could look at this offer as well.

Good luck savings money!

Time Hack: Don’t Go To The Gym

This seems like an obvious one to me, but maybe not to many other people.

Instead of waking up earlier to drive to the gym or going after work, just workout at home, or better yet at work, if you can.

I personally don’t go to the gym ever, I do quick (10 min) high intensity interval training while at work, when I take a break, once or twice a day. Preferably, go outside to do it. I don’t care about breaking a sweat, it will subside quickly.

I have a standing desk, where I try and move around a lot each day. I have dumbells I can pick up, resistance bands, an exercise mat and exercise ball.

You don’t need all that though, all you really need is body weight exercises, which is the majority of my routine anyway.

Push ups, Air squats, Mountain climbers, and Burpees go a long way.

The other exercise equipment is there, if I can’t make it outside, for the most part.

I also try and take my kids to the park every evening and that lets me get in a bit more exercise, a few pull ups, and some cardio from just running around.

Then when it’s time to put the kids down to bed, I do a few ab exercises or some foam rolling, or just meditation.

Weekends are reserved for light activity and more recovery as needed.

Once you make this a routine, it comes becomes automatic and effortless. You will be disappointed when you don’t do it this way.

So while none of those are a long workout, the combined effect of these sessions adds up and helps keep metabolization high. I eat healthy and I don’t need to EVER think about, “do I really want to eat that.”

If you wanted to step it up a notch, you could add in cold thermogenesis or hot saunas to compound the effect of these other exercise routines and help with recovery.

Save Time At The Airport – International Arrivals – Use The App

Have You Landed Yet?

This past July as I was coming back from Helsinki via London I noticed that CBP have a new way to speed up the process. Instead of having to fill out one of these, you can use the app instead.

You simply use your phone to do the form. You enter in your data, snap your photos, then when you land you, submit it. This was especially helpful with the family and I was surprised to see no one else using this program, and instead standing in long lines in MIA.

It’s only a limited amount of airports that it works in, and I have not seen it advertised a whole lot. Luckly MIA and FLL are on the list!

I was actually amazed that it didn’t care if my phone was rooted or not. Doesn’t really matter, as I would have root cloaked it anyway.

Note: This only works for US and Canadians passports.

Good luck,