Save Time At The Airport – International Arrivals – Use The App

Have You Landed Yet?

This past July as I was coming back from Helsinki via London I noticed that CBP have a new way to speed up the process. Instead of having to fill out one of these, you can use the app instead.

You simply use your phone to do the form. You enter in your data, snap your photos, then when you land you, submit it. This was especially helpful with the family and I was surprised to see no one else using this program, and instead standing in long lines in MIA.

It’s only a limited amount of airports that it works in, and I have not seen it advertised a whole lot. Luckly MIA and FLL are on the list!

I was actually amazed that it didn’t care if my phone was rooted or not. Doesn’t really matter, as I would have root cloaked it anyway.

Note: This only works for US and Canadians passports.

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