Time Hack: Don’t Go To The Gym

This seems like an obvious one to me, but maybe not to many other people.

Instead of waking up earlier to drive to the gym or going after work, just workout at home, or better yet at work, if you can.

I personally don’t go to the gym ever, I do quick (10 min) high intensity interval training while at work, when I take a break, once or twice a day. Preferably, go outside to do it. I don’t care about breaking a sweat, it will subside quickly.

I have a standing desk, where I try and move around a lot each day. I have dumbells I can pick up, resistance bands, an exercise mat and exercise ball.

You don’t need all that though, all you really need is body weight exercises, which is the majority of my routine anyway.

Push ups, Air squats, Mountain climbers, and Burpees go a long way.

The other exercise equipment is there, if I can’t make it outside, for the most part.

I also try and take my kids to the park every evening and that lets me get in a bit more exercise, a few pull ups, and some cardio from just running around.

Then when it’s time to put the kids down to bed, I do a few ab exercises or some foam rolling, or just meditation.

Weekends are reserved for light activity and more recovery as needed.

Once you make this a routine, it comes becomes automatic and effortless. You will be disappointed when you don’t do it this way.

So while none of those are a long workout, the combined effect of these sessions adds up and helps keep metabolization high. I eat healthy and I don’t need to EVER think about, “do I really want to eat that.”

If you wanted to step it up a notch, you could add in cold thermogenesis or hot saunas to compound the effect of these other exercise routines and help with recovery.

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