Udio and Suno AI Music Prompts

AI music prompts 

I'm not the slightest bit musically inclined, but recently I've been playing around AI music makers and helping my soon to be 5 year son create some tunes. These tools are super easy to use.

Here's a tip though, for better lyrics.

Run your lyrics through your favorite LLM first. For this creative task, I like Gemini. Try the following prompt...

Imagine you're a world-renowned singer-songwriter known for crafting infectious, chart-topping hits. Your expertise lies in crafting catchy melodies that resonate with global audiences. You've had success with both Eurovision and parody songs. For this task, I need you to write a chorus that will stick in my head for days. Are you ready to unleash your creative genius and create something unforgettable?

After you get the hook down, you can create the rest of the song. Then just make the style match type of music you want to create. Finally experiment to extend the song to your liking.

Here's one of his creations, a catchy Eurovision style sea shanty with a DND theme...