Learning From Incidents

As an incident commander, I've seen my fair share of chaos. One particularly complex AWS outage taught me more about leadership and learning than any training ever could.

Here's what I've learned about turning incidents into invaluable lessons:
  1. Conduct thorough retrospectives: Allow time for proper investigation and interviews with responders. This depth yields richer insights.
  2. Document everything: Our memories are fallible. Record observations, decisions, and outcomes in real-time.
  3. Embrace problem management: While one incident offers crucial lessons, identifying recurring issues through problem management is key to systemic improvement.
  4. Share widely: Knowledge hoarded is knowledge wasted. Create a culture of open communication.
  5. Implement changes thoughtfully: Learning requires careful consideration and strategic action.
Remember, every incident, whether isolated or part of a pattern, is a teacher. Are you ready to learn?