Optimized Async Communication: The "Engineer Not Present" Scenario

In the payments industry, we have a term called "card not present" for certain transactions. Drawing inspiration from this, I'd like to introduce a new concept: "engineer not present." This refers to meetings where engineers need to be informed but don't necessarily need to be physically present.

The Problem with Traditional Meetings

Many companies struggle with the "telephone game" effect in their communication. Information gets distorted as it passes through multiple people, leading to misunderstandings and inefficiencies. Moreover, engineers often find themselves in meetings that eat into their productive coding time.

A Solution for the Modern Workplace

By leveraging technology, we can create a more efficient system:
  1. Record Zoom meetings (with transcripts)
  2. Utilize variable speed playback with keywords
  3. Augment with AI-generated summaries
This approach allows engineers to stay informed without sacrificing their valuable time. They can review meeting content at their convenience, at a speed that suits them, and with the added benefit of AI-distilled key points.

The Cultural Shift

Implementing this "engineer not present" model requires a radical cultural shift in how we approach asynchronous communication. It challenges the traditional notion that physical presence equals engagement and information retention.

Benefits of the New Model

  • Saves valuable engineering time
  • Eliminates information distortion
  • Improves overall communication efficiency
  • Allows for flexible information consumption
By embracing this new paradigm, companies can optimize their communication processes, ensuring that engineers stay informed while maximizing their productive work time. It's time to rethink our approach to meetings and leverage technology to create a more efficient, asynchronous workplace.